Activities and excursions

For all excursions, restaurant meals or picnics are included for full-board and not included for half-board.

Valid rates from 1st january 2024. 2 Persons minimum
Price per person
SNORKELING turtle, fish, coral in front of your lodge: loan of equipment possible. FREE
01 SEA KAYAK (2 seats)
Half day 5 €, day 10 €. FREE for 4 nights package.
WALK AROUND THE LODGE with guide: 1h to 3h walk. FREE
WALK TO the nearby village of DOANY with guide: 2 to 4 hours walk. 5€/ person
MASSAGE AREA: according to availability. massage 25 € / hour
SPACE FITNESS weight bench and elliptical bike. FREE

Antoremba Lodge and its exclusive partner LAND and SEA DIVING offer you:

TANIKELY :  Marine reserve 30 minutes by boat. 50 €/ person
NOSY KOMBA (1) lemurs, crafts, shopping, island tour, swimming at sea, stop on a sandbar (depending on the tide). 45 €/ person
TANIKELY + NOSY KOMBA with meal in a restaurant at komba. 90 €/ person
TANIKELY + NOSY SAKATIA  snorkeling day: Tanikelly Marine Reserve + snorkeling with Sakatia turtle. Picnic. 95 €/ person
MAMOKO : fishing village, lemurs, ancient turtles. cascades and natural pools (in season) 1h boat. 60 €/ person
NOSY IRANJA with picnic. 95 €/ person
NOSY IRANJA with picnic & NOSY ANTSOHA 115 €/ person
FISHING: in front of the lodge by traditional canoe
25 €/ person
FISHING: in front of the lodge by motoboat
55 €/ person
DIVING: provided by divers CMAS and PADI. All equipment is provided. Departure and return on the beach of the Lodge. view website :
FIRST DIVE: on the coral reef in front of the lodge / activity possible for one person 45 €/ person
FIRST DIVE at Tanikely marine reserve / 2 people minimum. 65 €/ person
Finally diving within everyone’s reach with the “Peter diving” system! Fun without the inconvenience!
Swim underwater (1 to 7 metres deep) with turtles, fish… without a tank on your back…
What is it ???
Peter Diving: on the reef in front of the lodge with CMAS certified instructor.


45 €/ person

WHALE & WHALE SHARK WHATCHING from August to November. Departure and return on the beach of the Lodge.
about 75 € / person
NOSY KOMBA trekking. Crossing the island on foot with mandatory eco-guide: 25 minutes by boat and 4 to 5 hours of walking. QUOTATION
PLANTATION MILLOT – cocoa plantation and aromatic plants, distillery, lunch at the plantation. 60 €/ person