We propose you some photos to begin your travel and dream about it.

Imagine you swimming in a blue sea with the tortoises and the fishes.

Discover a luxuriant and varied nature, an extraordinary kindness of the inhabitants.

Simply imagine you taking time to discover the pleasure to live moments so distant from your everyday life.


Spacious and comfortable, they bring rest and total escape.

Lounges and restaurant

With the beloved one or with a group, take time of a moment of happiness and conviviality around a cocktail or around a refined dish.

In front of the sundowner

A grandiose show in front of Antoremba on the bayof Nosy Be. Always renewed, never identical.

The flora and the animal kingdom

A luxuriant and varied vegetation. The births of turtules or the acrobatics of lemurs…

The activities and the excursions

You will always live rare and exceptional moments UNFORGETTABLE!!

By boat, or under the sea in dive and snorkling.

On earth in “timeless” excursions, or seaside and “tourist”