Land excursions

Au lodge

  • PRIMARY FOREST: with a guide
    • Around the lodge, 1 at 3 hours of walking
    • Or in the nearby village of Doany 2 at 4 hours of walking
  • Endemic flora and fauna of the primary forest, multiple plantations and cultures, and you can have a contacts with the farmers of the mountain.
  • FITNESS CENTER: weight bench, dumbbells and elliptical trainer

Mamoko: at 50 minutes by boat

Return in the last century. Fishermen’s old village.

Lemurs, hundred-year-old turtles. In season, bathing under a waterfall and in natural swimming pools.

Nosy Komba (1): at 25 minutes by boat

The village of Ampangorina. Crafts of wood cravings, traditional clothing, beautifully tablecloths and clothing…

Visit of the animal park and the meeting with lemurs, the lemurs will come to eat bananas on your shoulder.

For the island by boat, snorkling stop or simply bathing on a deserted sandbank.

Meeting with the villagers of Antamotamo, specialists in the construction of traditional dugouts

Nosy Komba treking : at 20 minutes by boat

Crossing of the island with a guide: 4 at 5 am of walking. Very good necessary physical condition.

Nosy Komba (1) + Tanikelly

With lunch at the restaurant

Plantation Millot : at 1 hour (by boat & taxi)

Implanted for more than a century, it exploits about 1000 hectares and uses near one thousand people.

His productions of cocoa, spices, aromatic herbs, are recognized by the biggest chocolate makers and the perfumers in the world

The valley of Sambirano : with a guide

15 minutes of boat, then ANKIFY 1:30 am in 4×4 or 2 o’clock 30 in MOUNTAIN BIKE. Then 30 minutes of dugout (impracticable in certain periods)

Walk on a track in 4×4 (MOUNTAIN BIKE for the brave) through plantations and through villages along the banks of the river Sambirano.

Nosy Be

  • Walk in Hellville and his colonial architecture, in these markets colored in the scents of spices and diverse perfumes.
  • The visit of its beaches and seaside villages, the walks in lands and plantations.
    At the top of the mount Passot, contemplate the panorama on the coast of all the island and on the sacred lakes below.
  • Possibility of excursion in quad
  • Possibility of sleeping one night to Nosy be to enjoy the night life.